Hovhannes Madoyan

Born on October 22, 1976
Studied at Yerevan State Medical University
Profession: Family doctor
Works at “Real People, Real World” NGO as a project advisor
Relationship status: married, has two children

– Tell us a bit about your activities, how come you’ve decided to work in the sphere of HIV prevention?

It was by pure incident that I started to work with HIV related issues, fifteen years ago. At that time there was a non-governmental organization – “Association of Young Doctors” – at the Medical University back then, where I was a fresh volunteer. There was a new sphere to work on there – fight against AIDS. In 2003 I’ve already quit the organization and we founded “Real World, Real People” NGO with some of my friends. Seems like it has become my cross to carry for the rest of my life and I shall carry it till the end.

– You have already been working in this sphere for more than 15 years. What successes have you come to, what changes have been made in that area?

From professional experience I may mention that “Real World, Real People” NGO has transformed from a newly-founded organization into an organization that has a big range of colleagues, an NGO with whom many cooperate, and the volume and the quantity of the programs have increased several times. Our main activity is the consolidation of people living with HIV, the provision of care and support. And we have created an environment in which people get involved with great joy, not only for getting help, but also to help each other; they realize that they need to be actively involved in the process of improvement of their lives.
And speaking of personal success, the greatest one is my family. I also have succeeded in my dream I have longed for the last five years; to become a type of specialist who will have an impact in higher levels, on series of organizations and national projects, as well as in the international sphere. I have successfully accomplished several initiatives this year by now.

– And of what kind were the obstacles and barriers you’ve come across during your career?

There are difficulties, always. I have a trait in my nature – to be appreciated for my activities. There is a narrow circle of people to the assessment and support of whom I pay great attention. And when my job is not appreciated I may quit it, so to say. I have had such situations. And there were times when it seemed like the work I was performing was worthless. We had our vision of creating a consolidated, strong communion of people living with HIV when we had just founded this organization reckoning that was the only way of helping these people. And we had been facing a lot of indifference and mistrust from many sides back then. As a result, I would get discouraged thinking that, as a matter of fact, I wasn’t right in the track of my thoughts. I would criticise those who didn’t have any information on HIV. The criticism towards people has been decreased throughout time, but I think that indifference is the phenomenon that shall be criticised.

– You’ve accomplished visible changes for the society being at such a young age. What is the secret of your success?

I was lucky in many affairs. Apart from the luck, my wife, Elina, is the one who helped me a lot. In most cases I would expect her support for my initiatives and I would get it. My parents have had a great input in my life by helping me to enter a profession. The greatest part of success comes from your loyalty towards your work. If you ask me what is my hobby, even now I will answer – work in the field of HIV prevention.

– As an experienced specialist, an activist in civic society, what would be your advice to our youth and to the young citizens?

They shall not be indifferent. If they engage in their favourite activities, each of them will be successful and will make positive changes for the society. Indifference is overspread among our youth, I think. All the driving power belonged to the students, it were them who brought positive changes, starting from the Medieval Ages. But when we observe our students, we get an impression that either everything is ideal or that they are extremely indifferent. Unfortunately, everything is not ideal here.

Coleagues speaking about Hovhannes Madoyan

Naira Sargsyan, UNAIDS Armenia

I know Hovhannes since 2003. I may certify that he is an active and adept person. He has his own say for various situations; he is always addressing quite actual and intelligent questions. He is the one that influences both other organizations dealing with HIV issues and governmental bodies. He understands quite well the concept of advocacy, the advantages of collaboration and he gets on well with all his colleagues. The success of “Real World, Real People” NGO is, for the most part, the result of his activity as he undertakes and carries the right and necessary programs, he is a pretty good leader and he is also good in human resource management.

Gayane Tovmasyan, Mission East Armenia

I know Hovhannes Madoyan since 2004, we work together since 2006 till now. Hovhannes is a determined and devoted person; he is an energetic, enthusiastic and diligent man. He is a wonderful advocate, he was able to make women and men living with HIV more active so that the last could stimulate the prevention of HIV in RA.

Elmira Bakhshinian, Real World, Real People NGO

I know Hovhannes Madoyan since 2003, when I myself got involved in HIV/AIDS prevention programs. I have discovered during our work experience that I have to deal with a man who is an undertaker, who is sensitive, unselfishly devoted to his work, immensely kind, charismatic, creative and analytic. As to his activities as an activist and an HIV/AIDS issues’ advocate, I am sure that many challenges in this geographical area concerning many issues related to HIV/AIDS have been positively resolved thanks to the efforts of Hovhannes Madoyan.

Mamikon Hovsepyan, Public Information and Need of Knowledge NGO

We intended to organize a public event on the day of World AIDS Day in 2008 and we’ve tried to reach several organizations, to make it big and influential. In the course of this, we’ve met some representatives of various organizations, Hovhannes Madoyan was among them.
He is one of those who has contributed to the close cooperation of organizations functioning in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention and those of working for the sake of building a civic society and has laid the foundations of Advocacy Group on AIDS.
The fact is that in any positive changes – related to HIV prevention, treatment and care – the engagement and efforts of Hovhannes Madoyan play an important role. It is an honour for me to know him and to carry joint activities with him.

Nvard Margaryan