About us

“As you” is an electronic magazine that was created by young enthusiastic and civil society activists who try to present diverse and interesting articles in this magazine about civil society, human rights, sexual health, gender and sexuality issues and history, culture, as well as other topics that concern youth.

The magazine aims to present the changes taking place in civil society, topics, unbelievable stories that are pinched to silence for many years to wider society. The magazine also aims to promote the citizens participation in civic changes that take place in our republic and to citizens struggle against injustice, intolerance and inequality.

In the magazine you can find information about different problems of the society and vulnerable groups, moreover, about the organizations and individuals, who have a priceless contribution in creation and development of civil society in RA, in covering and overcoming the process of social issues.

You can also find information about events carried out by different organizations and services provided by them, become involved in the projects and events that are going to be organized.

It’s me, it’s you and it’s us, you are as am, I am as you are. Together we are a big power.