Artist Artak Gevrogyan penetrated “Listen to Me” in “Golden Apricot”

The film “Listen to Me! Untold Stories Beyond Hatred”, that was removed from the Golden Apricot Film Festival in 2017, this year was introduced back into the festival by artist Artak Gevorgyan, this time in the form of an installation.
The “Fragile” exhibition presented in the framework of the Golden Apricot was opened on June 10 in the Cinema House. The documentary film about LGBT people should have been displayed in that area belonging to the Cinematographers’ Union but was removed from the program at the request of the church and Golden Apricot refused to show it elsewhere. Instead, Artak placed the “Listen to me” installation composed of graphite, the words of the film’s heroes, and sound interventions, in the renovating section of the Cinema House.


Artak Gevorgyan


According to Artak, he could not have come to the exhibition in any other way. “I boycotted Golden Apricot just because of “Listen to Me” film and this exhibition was within the frames of Golden Apricot,” says the artist. “Since the situation in the country has changed, I have taken advantage of this opportunity and participated. I made them listen with art in the same area where the film would have been shown. I am not sure whether they heard.”