The apology of the Christians to the Gay community and the gift of the Armenian homosexuals to the Pope

The leader of the Catholics stated that the acts of the Christians, like suppression, exile, imprisonment, burning at the stake, murders and other atrocities committed towards the Gay for the past 2000 years had been anti-Christian.

Before leaving Armenia on June 26, Pope Francis the First answered the journalists by saying that the Christians and the Roman Catholic Church should ask forgiveness of the Gay community for the atrocities committed towards them.

For many Armenians the notion of asking forgiveness of the Gay was not welcomed and so they had less respect of the same man who had the courage to speak the word Armenian Genocide regardless of Turkish aggression. In this case, Pope Francis had the courage to admit what was done to the Gay was sinful.

Armen Bushyan, the leader of Yerevan’s geo-political club, intended to ask a question to the Vatican to verify the authenticity of the Pope’s words, and promised to reiterate if it was. I don’t know whether or not he asked that question, but the Catholic Church still has the same notion regarding Homosexuals and Heterosexuals in the sense that there is nothing wrong in being a homosexual and it is not a sin to be one. However, according to the Catholic Church, it is considered a sin when Heterosexuals exercise sex before marriage.

Father Tajad Davidyan also refuses to discriminate homosexuals, and on the contrary says that “We need not judge them, instead we need to approach them as we approach any sinful person. We are all sinners.” So, in the Christians’ point of view, we need to approach  Boshyan, the homophobes and the homosexuals all the same way since they are all measured the same was  way, sinners. But the heterosexual sinful person is judging the homosexual sinner.

In his answer, the Pope of Rome, with a little modification repeated the “Whom am I to judge?” quote that he had said when he was ordained Pope in 2013. “If a person is in that position but has good will and seeks God, who are we to judge the Gay?” With those words, the high priest removes his judge’s “God’s” function, and shows that he is only a mediator between God and man.

However, Boshyan and the homophobes don’t want the religious leaders to put down the authority of “God”, because by doing that they will be limiting the chances of judging the Gay and as a result they too will be removed from being a “God”.

During his visit to Armenia, the Pope of Rome  did not reflect on the homosexuals only. Francis the First received a sculpture of Noah’s Ark. That sculpture was made by Michael Aram who is an American-Armenian Gay, married to a man and both are raising two children together.

Hovhannes Ishkhanyan

Translated by Marina Nercessian